Mostafa, Canada

My friend and I are very happy with the iTab48R from Distribucore. The players were purchased 4 years ago and they still work perfectly and we both use them allot.

Lionel, Tahiti

The players are fantastic, everything I wanted

Steve, Bora Bora

I am very happy with the 260X. It does everything I need and more

Esteban, Chile

I am very happy with my order

Mariano, USA

I have been using my DVP 260X and it is impressive. It is everything I wanted and more.

Thomas, Denmark

Very good deal!

James, USA

It really is a great product!

Kristof, Belgium

Very satisfied with the iTab48R. Not a single problem. The device looks slick and I love it. Finally a box next to the TV that does not look cheap.

Mariano, USA

The iTab48R has played everything I throw at it. Now I am working with Blu-ray and it plays the Blu-ray M2TS files great.

Mostafa, Canada

Guys, I was looking for a Media Center for my home theatre for several months and after lots of time searching for the best one with lots of features and can play any kind of media Dvix, Xvid, etc…. I finally found it at Distribucore and ordered one. The staff at Distribucore recommended I get something better with lots of features. So I changed my mind on my original order and now I am so happy that I did because the iTab48R is great. Now I have have all the features like Dvix, Xvid, HD play, with HDMI output, TV tuner, HD Recording capability and most importantly a device that made my life easier — a wireless dongle. Now I can connect to my home network and internet, play anything straight from my desktop or external HDD or my internal HDD even with wireless, so I give it a rating of 5 out of 5. If you are interested in getting a Media Center I would strongly recommend you get the ITab48R. You can find all the info at Distribucore.com


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